Free Vocal Toning
eBook with BONUS Guided Practice

This free eBook was created for anyone who wants to learn how to utilize the power of their voice as a healing tool using the ancient practice of Vocal Toning.

Learn about everything from ancient sound-medicine history to the extraordinary physical/emotional health benefits of vocal toning.

Perfect for beginners and absolutely no singing experience is required.

Bonus: Free Vocal Toning Practice-MP3 Included!

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    Ancient Sound-Medicine History

    "A Greek traveler, Demetrius, circa 200 B.C., wrote that the Egyptians used vowel sounds in their rituals:‘In Egypt, when priests sing hymns to the Gods they sing the seven vowels in due succession and the sound has such euphony that men listen to it instead of the flute and the lyre.'"

    Why Should I Practice Vocal Toning?

    "We all have within us the greatest of sound healing instruments. It requires no electricity, no batteries needed, it’s natural, cost-effective and part of you (and this of course is our own voice). We all have the ability to use our own voice as an instrument for healing."

    Ancient Sound-Medicine History

    "From the Vedas and the earliest teachings of the Hindu tradition, through grammarian texts, as well as Yogic and Tantric philosophies and even in the classical music of India the concept of sacred sound is pervasive, important and the subject of much discussion. Sacred sound exists not just as a concept but plays an important role in the practice of Hinduism, permeating the daily routine through the ritual use of mantra, defining the life of the Hindu from birth to death and beyond."